Solo Display File (60 Pockets, A4 Size, Top Loading)

Solo Display File (60 Pockets, A4 Size, Top Loading)

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Description of product

  • You Can Now Store A Large Number Of Important Papers Together In An Efficient Manner By Using This 60 Pocket File From Solo That Is Available In An A4 Size To Hold All Your Important Papers Like Certificates, Presentations, Photos, Contracts Etc. In An Efficient Way. The Pockets Of This File Are Extra-Large And Built With A Polypropylene Thickness. The Free Slipcase Of The File Prevents It From Sagging With Time And Thus Adds To Its Durability.
  • Display File-60 Pockets
  • up to 200 sheets inside.
  • insert documents & Photos
  • poly propylene pockets.
  • Used everyday for presentation reference & storage of certificates, pricelists , specifications & designs, photos, contracts etc
  • Non-stick embossed poly propylene pockets.
  • 60 Clear view pockets of durable thickness.
  • Antistatic agents. added for extra convenience to insert documents conveniently.
  • Extra large pockets hold upto six sheet in each
  • Appropriate polycover thickness and spine width to hold upto 200 sheets inside.

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